The Baby Bits Company - It's Gnome-made
Welcome to the online home of The Baby Bits Company! Our website is in the development process, so please check back for more photos, info & purchasing options.

Retail & Contact Info

Ultimately, products will be available for order & purchase through this site. For the time being, please consult one of these third-party retailers:

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Mary can be reached at:

About The Company

The Baby Bits Company creates unique handmade garments and accessories made with high end repurposed materials. Materials are primarily sourced from local resale shops that benefit charitable community programs.

The company started in 2006 when apparel designer Mary Catherine Buchanan began experimenting with boiled wool, constructing simple bootie and cap designs. Determined to find a truly sustainable way to create her designs, a full line of apparel and accessories was developed using diverse raw materials such as 100% cotton men’s oxford shirts and 100% silk vintage saris.

The Baby Bits Company creates seasonal staples such as leg and arm warmers, booties, caps, and bloomers. Each season brings a new spin to the classic silhouettes as well as new designs for little boys and girls.